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up, guys? it's sal from brook street. i need a couple. yeah. yeah. same price, right? all right. you too. no good. he wants me to go to chelsea. officer peter fontanez: all right, basically we called up one of our little local drug deliverers who, actually, if you call them up on their beeper they'll, you know, they'll make a delivery to you. it's sort of like a pizza delivery except they deliver coke. we just gave him a jingle and he bit so he's going to send out
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a couple of his boys to us at a location. we're going to try and take that car off. i'm sure once they see us they're probably going to swallow or try and run for it so hopefully we can grab them before they do either of that. these kids are new. we just heard that they started a couple weeks ago. we know one of the kids. the second kid we don't know. even if we don't get anything just to get a look at them see what they're driving. see if we can get a little more intelligence on them. 'cause we got a lot in the works for these kids. they make a lot of money. they make up to three grand, four grand a night on the weekend, and that's no lie, no exaggeration. they make a lot of money. he told me to go to chelsea. we can't go into chelsea so i'm gonna call him back and tell him i couldn't get a car and if he'd come to putnam street here. i'll just add in that i got another guy and i want three of them now. i'll say someone else wants one.
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he might bite more if i order another bag. we know they're going to swallow. all we want to do is i.d. these kids. we can even make them believe it's a car stop. ( phone ringing ) yeah? hello. yeah. it's sal. i couldn't get the car. all right. yeah. all right. he was doing a three-way line. keith was on the other line. he goes, "wait a minute. keith. keith. "i lost him. let me call you back." so that's the base. where do you want to meet him? i'll tell him putnam and morris. there's only one way in and one way out. ( phone ringing ) he'll have keith on the other line. yeah? keith. huh? sal. p. i don't want to say my name. i don't want to say my name. of course i know who you are. i got
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the number from the kid up to heights. if you don't want to sell to me, fine. i can buy all the time. he recognized your voice. no, he didn't. was it keith or timmy? that was timmy. all i want to do is i.d. these new kids mcdonner and flanagan. let me get my car. which channel do you want to work on? go on channel one. call dispatch. we're going to cruise for them. send a message to timmy when we lock them up tonight. they won't bite. they want too many references. they want to know who we are and everything. we're going to have a female call. they might deliver to a female not thinking she's a cop. hopefully it will work this way. ( phone ringing ) there you go. hello. why don't you pick up that conversation. woman: hello. hello.
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how was the game? man: good. they win? huh? they win? honestly? no? or you don't remember? i have no idea. ( lopriore laughing ) you don't know? ( garbled radio transmission ) what happened was the sergeant made the phone call and they bit. going to come down and deliver to her.t boston line. so we're going to get some protection set up see if she can make the buy. then we're going to rip them right from there go to two. all right. all right. where, chucky? where? right there. it might be over the bridge right now. swing over, okay? acknowledge. acknowledge. under the sign all right? on the left. there's joe. joe's here. don't go too fast. if they spit it
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out we're going to have to chase them. ( garbled radio transmission ) they're going to be coming right out at us. right here. on the left, on the left. right here. ( tires squealing ) ( grunting ) okay. get him, get him. get down! i'm down. i'm down. on the floor! i'm down. i'm down. a cop went down. joey? is he all right? sergeant. lopriore: this is a message for timothy. get it out of his mouth. spit it out. can i get up? get up. aahh! get up. you're not even getting hurt. what's your problem? easy. easy. what's your name? mr. flanagan. hi, mr. flanagan. make sure you call timmy and tell him hello. okay? yeah. big coke dealer now? no. my ( bleep )
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wrist. i can't move my wrist. it's no problem. i didn't break it. you're under arrest for distribution. lopriore: you sold to a cop. i think my wrist is broken. it's okay. it's not broken. i can't move it. murphy, all your boys. ( phone ringing ) he might be just calling. that's his car phone? let me talk to him. we got your boys here. okay? that's two down. now we're going to come and get you for conspiracy. tell him how long did he enjoy his out time? huh? you're waiting? come over here. your boys are in cuffs. we got them. my wife takes centrum silver. i've been on the fence about it. then i read an article about a study that looked at the long term health benefits of taking multivitamins. they used centrum silver for the study... so i guess my wife was right. [ male announcer ] centrum. always your most complete.
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97 officer: i have the arrangements for the wake. there's also a shift vacancy, day watch. if anybody's interested, see me downstairs. watertown police
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is interested in capturing this gentleman if you want to pass it out. officer greg brown: this street has homes in other areas would be a half million dollars. doctors and lawyers live up here. and when you get to the end of the street, it's bedlam. you know, you think you're in another area or something. stratton: it's a shame, because there's a lot of nice houses on that street we just came off of. lot of professional people still live in and around roxbury. it's a shame because all you see on the news is all the bad stuff. people don't realize there's good people still in roxbury. 99% of them are. and it's a small percentage of them that are doing all this crime. okay, we're responding to a call-- a radio call for a man dealing drugs from a bedroom window at annunciation road. the complainant says that there's a lot of foot traffic and, you know, that kind of stuff so we're going
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to ride in and check it out. generally we can't go inside the house but if we got a complainant outside wanting to meet us and give us a description we can do a further investigation. you called us? man: i was the one that called. okay. they standing there with their head in the window talking to my old lady's grandson through the window. why can't they keep the screen down and talk? why the screen got to be up and the window got to be up? you talk to your son. i want you to find out from him what in the hell is going on. your son? okay. that's my old lady's nephew. find out what the hell is going on with him. okay. shots fired, zero ruggles. rubbles? zero ruggles shots fired. zero ruggles, huh? you got a key to this door? man: yeah.
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why his head's in this window. you couldn't tell if it looked like a transaction? uh-uh. when i go to work at night knowing she has to be here and he's here and they running in and out... stratton: is he your nephew? her nephew, yeah. does this go on every night? this is the first night i seen this here. the first night you noticed. i'm not actually noticing it. the first night i seen this here. all right. brown: your father seems-- that's your nephew, right? i mean, your uncle? boy: yeah. your uncle's concerned about the activities that's happening out your bedroom window here. what's happening? i don't know. you tell us. brown: they're concerned that something illegal is going on in the house. is that the case? no, we're just talking. another question your uncle had is why can't you talk with the screen down? boy: i pass them cigarettes. is there any drugs you want to tell us about before we find them? no. no. you didn't sell
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drugs today? no. when did that happen to your face? today. who did that? some kids. they jump you? yeah. how many? two. you make a report? no. why not? i didn't want to. what did they hit you with? their hands? yeah. they kick you? no. they hit you for no reason? you haven't had a beef with nobody? no. why do you need sandwich bags? those are my cousin's. brown: where are they? right here. brown: ma'am, can we explain to you that to use that kind-- this amount of baggies is that you're generally using to package some type of either crack or reefer or something like that. does he take his lunch to work or school? boy don't go to work. there's no reason why anyone would have these bags and they're not taking lunches
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to work unless they distributing. it smells like, uh... it smells like some substance. walter smoke reefer. and what we have here is some crack inside here. you know, it's in your room. it's a bag. and it's much like what i was telling your aunt... aunt: that's what you just told me. brown: uh, okay? that's the complaint that we got from the caller. stratton: you got some rocks? yeah. walter told me i could look around. aunt: i'm glad you did 'cause i'm tired of it. walter, why don't you get up 'cause you're under arrest for distribution of class "b" substance. aunt: please do, 'cause i'm tired of him. get up. turn around. put your hands behind your back. why don't you throw those shoes on real quick. stratton: what's in there, ten? brown: about 14, 15. and there's a little separate bag with a bunch of rock in it. yeah, go ahead, john. we're
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having a little problem with the computer here. we do have him here, but can you hold on a few? okay, we're going to be in with an arrest. we'll be in the house in about five or ten minutes, okay? aunt: i ask him every damn day when i come home "what's going on around here?" i'm trying to protect them and watch over them and keep a roof over their damn heads and they're driving me batty as hell. brown: yeah? walter's busy, and i'd advise you... walter's busy, and i'd advise you to take a walk before you get placed under arrest as well for conspiracy, okay? stratton: greg, bring his coat when you come. okay. brown: and then we're there inside the house and i'm sure you can hear the radios and stuff and a guy come knock on the window and asks for the suspect and asks to make a purchase for crack. trying
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to cop a bag while we're there. usually you get those calls and you say to yourself, "there's not much we can do" 'cause they say, "he's selling drugs from the apartment." we can't go in there. we just drive by and we have to observe something to give us probable cause to further investigate. we get there and the guy's like "please come in the house. "i don't know what's going on, but it ain't right. come in the house and look." that kind of cooperation is what you need. if the community wants their neighborhoods back that's how they do it. we can't do it ourselves.
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officer: kelta, griffin, lehigh donnelly... yeah. kenneth... yeah. karl johnson. yeah. a complaint has been received by the boys club of lynn that someone is using their dumpster. large amounts of debris are being loaded into the dumpster. the boys club cannot afford to remove all these large loads. pay special attention to this problem during the tour of duty. we're going to have
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inspection of weapons. when you approach sergeant o'neill i want your clips out of the weapon and hand your clip to sergeant o'neill and then clear your weapon in the barrel. ( siren wailing ) officer karl johnson: we just got a call at 92 union street on a telephone alarm for a building fire. we're going to park this out here so we don't get stuck. ( siren wailing ) basically we're just here to make sure the fire department can stay in here and get their equipment in keep all the sparkies out of here--
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people that want to see the fire. they try to get a little close. you got breaking glass. you can get people hurt so we're here to keep everyone out of the area. when we first pulled up it looked like it was only that front room. now it's coming out through the roof. i don't know what they will do. pretty tough getting fire engines in here 'cause of the rubble and stuff. it's in back of a couple other buildings so they can't get any big trucks in here with the ladders. they're just going to try and work it from down on the ground, i guess. they have someone in mind that lives in the downtown area. he's been grabbed for arson a couple of times. he was seen a couple of streets over not too long before this fire started. right now they're giving out radio communications to the other cars in the downtown area. they're out looking for this kid right now. the fire department's arson squad would like to talk to him. go ahead, sarge. we've got this little...
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( garbled transmission ) we're coming up. you going to stay here? could you? i'm gonna take a walk up. you understand your rights? yeah, i do. i gave you your rights. you're giving these officers permission to go into your room. yes, i am. what color is the lighter? green. what room are you in? 215. up on the second floor. why don't you give john the key. i just want you to understand what your rights are. i don't want you to misunderstand anything that i'm saying. no, i understand you. okay. get in here. what's the room number? 215. well, dotty is right there. she'll let you in. he's got to just set that fire on the back. i had a witness that told me she saw gary boley come out of here. i know
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gary boley. you know gary boley. car ten picked him up, gave him his rights and before you got up here he admitted to setting the fire to me. so he'll go in the station. we'll have 15 do a report on him. 15 going to check his room too? 15's checking his room. he says the lighter he used is there. the arson squad has just pulled up so we'll get a hold of captain decareau and dougie smith. he's lit several fires before, you know. oh, yeah. remember the cheshire street fires? know him well. what we'll do is we'll let 15 and captain decareau question him further and then we'll charge him with arson of a building. boley: i need... i just need help. if i go to jail, i'll go nuts. never been in jail. well, it sounds to me as if you have a problem, gary. i'll admit i lit the house on pinkham street. i'll admit that. i'll admit i walked out of the house the time that it
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started and i'll admit i went up in my building got changed, and i was scared to go down and, um... tell someone i lit the house on fire. do you remember the first thing you started burning when you were a kid? i started off first burning dumpsters. just dumpsters? then worked my way up from there. how many buildings have you burned down? i didn't burn no building down. burned any houses down? not all the way down. but when the fire department got there-- the fire on pinkham street-- that didn't burn... it didn't take long for the fire department to put that out. it was just like smoke smoldering smoke. do you hang out watching it burning? oh, i watch... i watch... i go to fires and stuff. i went to one fire the one they had downtown. the one that burned a long time ago. ever since, i like fires.
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boley: i need to just get help. if i go to jail... my brother's already doing time in jail. if i go to jail, i'll go crazy. officer: i've got him at gunpoint. dispatcher: gunpoint, 132 and bush. coverage code three.
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high alert after the discovery of a threatening note. >> the challenges facing the new pope. a dangerous practice by drivers at the bay bridge toll plaza in an effort to save a few bucks channel 2 morning news. good morning. it's friday eve.
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thursday. march 14. >> i'm pam cook. it got warm yesterday. >> still 60s and 70s in the forecast. a few neighborhoods in the 80s for your wednesday afternoon, we'll save off a few degrees. fog is not as widespread, a few patches. partly sunny, a batch of high clouds moving in, temperatures ranging from 60 to 76 degrees. sal has an update on traffic. good morning. right now traffic is doing pretty well around the bay area. we've off to a good start on highway 4, it's clear and the fog has not moved into this area, and right now we have clear looking cameras and hopefully it will stay this way. taking a look at san francisco, northbound 101 traffic is off to a good start. now let's go back to the desk. >> sal, thank you very much. parents of some high school students in pleasanton plan to keep kids home because of a threatening note discovered in
4:28 am
girls bathroom that mentions today. tara moriarty joins us from the school. this is not the only threat at local schools this morning. >> reporter: that's right but this school is not in a lockdown, school remains open after the discovery of a threatening note, and we did notice extra police officers on campus this morning. they will be beefing up the patrols after that note was found in a girls bathroom tuesday. we have blurred out the profanity but it read, i hate everyone at this school, watch me shoot everyone, to march 14 i swear to god. some parents and students are obviously apprehensive about attending school today. >> it's a scary thing, it's not something you want to hear, but i also don't want to live in fear and don't want him to live in fear. >> reporter: in all. east bay police are on alert at four schools. in tracy there's extra security at kimball high, two students found threatening graffiti in a
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girls bathroom. officials evacuated tracy high yesterday afternoon after two threatening notes including one about a bomb were found in boys bathrooms. and fremont school district put thornton junior high on lockdown for a half hour yesterday afternoon because of a bomb threat. fremont police are still investigating that but they do not believe any of these incidents at the separate schools are connected. some students feel the threat here at foothill was probably some teenager wanting some attention, but school officials aric thatting the threat seriously, they want to know exactly who wrote that note and really say that most of all they want to reach out to the student and give them the help they need. we're live in pleasantton, channel 2 news. today the new pope will hold a mass, pope francis was elected on the fifth round, the 76-year-old born eight days before christmas day in argentina.

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